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Surah Al Baqarah, Ta’leem ul Qur’an

al-baqarah-ayah-1-5-word-to-word,  notes

al-baqarah-ayah-6-7-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-8-16-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-17-20-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-26-29-word-to-word,  notes

al-baqarah-ayah-30-39-word-to-word,  notes


al-baqarah-ayah-49-59-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-60-62-word-to-word, notes



For kids ages 10 to 12

Adi’ya (Supplications) for age 10-12

Adhan 1, Adhan Worksheet

Du’a 2-dua after adhan

Du’a 3- after wudu

Du’a 4-dua for the time of death

Du’a 5-dua for stress, fever, visting the sick

Du’a 6- syedal astaghfaar

Du’a 7- when entering a shopping area

Quran Section

Children Quran Course

Quiz-Al Kawthar

Quiz-Al Ikhlaas, Worksheet-Al Ikhlaas

Quiz-Al Falaq


S 1,The Prophet’s (pbuh) family tree

S 2,The Year of the Elephant.


Hadith 1  Hadith 2,

Hadith 3, Hadith 4,5

Hadith 6Hadith 7