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For kids ages 7 to 9

(Du’a Lessons, Tauheed, Aqeedah, Seerah Project, Salaah)

Du’a Lessons

Du’a Lesson 1, Du’a  Lesson 2, Du’a  Lesson 3, Du’a Lesson 4, Du’a  Lesson 5, Du’a Lesson 6, Du’a  Lesson 7, Du’a Lesson 8


Tauheed 1Tauheed 2Tauheed 3Tauheed 4,


AQEEDAH 1, Aqeedah-worksheet 1, Aqeedah 1a, activity, Aqeedah 1b, activity

AQEEDAH 2, Aqeedah-worksheet 2

AQEEDAH 3, Aqeedah-worksheet 3

AQEEDAH 4, Aqeedah-worksheet 4

Aqeedah-Word Search, Allah’s Creations Poster Project

Seerah Project Class Presentations

Seerah for Kids Activity 1Seerah for Kids Activity 2Seerah for Kids Activity 3


wudu cards

salaah is the key to … boyssalaah is the key to…girls

salaah — what is the time for salaah todaysalaah positionssalaah positions-Arabic

Salaah Video

Salaah 1-Fard Units

Salaah 2-Sunnah Units, Salaah 2-Sunnah Units QUIZ, Saalah 2- Game