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This was a 5 hour workshop conducted in the last days of the Islamic Month of Sha’ban. All templates were printed, cut and laminated prior to the workshop. All materials were provided to the children.The day started with a presentation and quiz on Ramadan followed by the board game activity and lunch.


Upload 4 

Ramadan2013, Gameboard Workshop 2

Upload 5 List of things required to prepare 1 Game Board

  1. Project Board (Thick Board) 50 inch by 30 inch approx,
  2. Bright Coloured Papers for templates (we laminated all templates)
  3. Card board 1, (for the box and du’a cards, question cards pockets)
  4. Modelling Clay 4 colours
  5. Dice 1

Upload 2

1-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Answer a Question

2-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Du’a Challenge

3-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed

4-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed2

5-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed3. 

5-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed3

6-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed4

9-Ramadan Board Game-Pocket Template for Du’a Card Set and Answer a Question Set

Du'a Challenge button

Du’a Card Set

Answer a Question button

Answer a Question Card Set


2-Madinah Arabic Book 2- Class Presentations


Madinah Book2 Vocabulary

Lesson 01-Sentence Analysis

Lesson 01- إنَّ 

Lesson 01- إٍنَّ و الضَمائرُ

Lesson 01-Flash Cards

Lesson 02- لَيسَ

Lesson 03 – اسمُ التَّفضِيلِ

Lesson 03 – كَأنَّ

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Verbs in Nominal and Verbal Sentences – Part 1

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Verbs Practice Sheet

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – The Done To (مَفْعُوْلٌ بِهِ)

Madinah Arabic Book 2- الفعل اللَازم و المُتعدِي

Madinah Arabic Book2 – Lesson 01- An Intro to Nouns like غالٍ, وادٍ, قاضٍٍ

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Intro to Weak Verbs (Lesson-07)

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Rules for sukun on the last letter (Lesson-07)

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Definite and Indefinite “Zu” (Lesson-07)

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Lesson 07-Mafulun Bihi-Adding Pronouns 

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Lesson 07-  الواو الزائدة

Lesson09-Declension Worksheet- Madinah Arabic Book2

Madinah Arabic Book 2 –  Lesson 10 – الفِعلُ

Lesson 13 – الفِعلُ المُضا رعُ

Lesson 14 – الفعل الامر

Lesson 14- How to make amr (flash cards)

Lesson 14 – Al Fayl As Sahih (flash cards)

Lesson 14 – Al Fayl Al Mautal (flash cards)

Lesson 14 – kaana-yakunu, qaala-yaqulu

Madinah Arabic Book 2- Lesson 15- Verb Forms- Part 1

Madinah Arabic Book 2- Lesson 15- الفعل الماضي مينِيٌ

Lesson 16 – المصدر المؤوّل (video)

Lesson 16 – المصدر المؤوّل

Lesson 17 – الأفعال المبنية والمعربة

Madinah Arabic Book 2 – Lesson 26 – اسم تَصغِير


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