dua laylatul qadr


RAMADAN 1440 (2018-19)

Welcome Ramadan Presentation for sisters

Ramadan Last Two Verses of Al Baqarah Course

Ramadan Kids Workshop1440 – My Ramadan Box (coming up soon inshaa Allah)


Ramadan Q and A

RAMADAN 1439 (2017)

Ramadan Facts 

Ramadan Jeopardy – 1439 AH/2018

RAMADAN 1438 (2016)

Ramadan Planners

Ramadan Vocabulary for Kids ages 7-8 years


Ramadan Worksheets for ages 5+


Welcome Ramadan Dars (Urdu)


Useful Ramadan Resources

RAMADAN 1437 (2016)


Click here for the Course

RAMADAN 1436 (2015)

RAMADAN 1435 (2014)

RAMADAN 1434 (2013)

RAMADAN 1432 (2011)

RAMADAN 1431 (2010)

-2010-Ramadan 1431-

Ramadan Lapbook from “Seeking Knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”



83 replies

  1. i will read quran,give charity everyday,read the five prayers,fast for all the ramadan,and help the poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i will read quran,give charity everyday,read the five prayers,fast for all the ramadan,and help the poor!!!!!

  3. The five good things I will is pray the five fard everyday,I will read Qraan everyday,help mr friends if they get hurt,I will help my mother when she is making iftary,lastly I will help poor people.

  4. I will fast everyday for all of Ramadaan. Five good deeds I will probably do is to give money to a charity, help my brother when he is studying, help my mom whenever she needs help, respect my parents and their decisions, listen to my dad and do what he wants me to do.

  5. Ihave all fasts so far Iam reading quran everyday after Fajr alhamdulillah inshallah my ramadaan will go as well as it is now

  6. i will make my bed widhout being told.Help my granny make iftar.Pray taraweeh this ramadhan.Keep going on this website to learn more about islam.Pray for all the teachers and pupils in this islamic class.8)

  7. i read quran every day and also prayed all the taraweeh.I helped my mom when she was making iftari and i also cleaned up my room everyday without being told.i tried to respect elders as much as i could . i prayed for all the teachers that teached me in islamic studies. i want to say jazzakallah khair to all the teachers because i have learned a lot more about islam then before.

    • ma’shaa Allah. May Allah accept your good deeds. Take good care of your mom. You will earn great rewards from Allah inshaa Allah.

  8. alhamdulillah so much good news going around.I am doing all my home work.Helping alot with iftar praying tarawiihs it has been alot of fun this ramaadaan inshallah eid wil be the same

  9. I will tell you all to go on a website to increase your knowledge more about islam.First go on youtube and then type in the search box ”Hurray For Baba Ali” then there will come some episodes. You can click on anyone you like.Maybe the things they teach you there you might know so if you have a little sister or a litte brother maybe you can show them and their knowledge can be increased about islam and inshaalah they will be a good muslim and you will be to. 😀

  10. Mashallah Ramadhan is almost here and what a wonderful way of teaching your children to celebrate it. I will inshallah try to implement it on myself and family.

  11. I am so excited for Ramadaan! It’s coming next month yay! I can’t wait for all the fasting fun and the taraweehs at the mosque and praying Tahajud and reading Qur’an with my sisters and my mum 🙂 And then when Ramadaan is over…

    • Farzeen, click on your avatar, it will lead to another website where you have to create an account login to that account then it will say Choose Gravatar Picture, either get it from your computer or the internet then press upload. I hope that helped

  12. I’ve been revising Surah Mulk for the past 3 hours. I’m tired but i’m very eager to learn it. Inshallah I will.

  13. Asslam-o-alaikum eveybody,
    All I wanted to say was EID MUBARAK!!!!
    May Allah subhanatallah accept your fasts and prayers
    and i loved all the worksheets and reciting surah mulk passed my time Alhumdulilah!

  14. Mashallah! such a volume of material! ALhamdulillah, I will be using some of it, I think. I really like the slide of Ramadan. BarakAllah Feehi

  15. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakatuh.

    Amazing work, MaashaAllah.
    Great resources for people of all age, especially young boys and girls.

    Jazakillaahu Khayra for putting up a link to the Ramadhaan Page.


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