ages 11 to 13

Session 2016-2017


All About Du’a

Lesson 1, What Quran tells us about Du’aa

Lesson 2, What is du’aa

Lesson 3, Conditions of Du’aa

Lesson 4, Ettiquettes of Du’aa

Adhkar for memorization


 Dhikr 2,Dhikr 3, Dhikr 4 Dhikr 5, Dhikr 6



Places in the life of the Prophet (sallulahu alaih wassallam) 

Seerah Book (Click here to download)


Seerah 1 for ages 10+
Click here for Activity 1


Seerah 2 for ages 10+
Click here for Activity 2


Seerah 4 for ages 10+
Click here for Activity 4


Seerah 5 for ages 10+
Click here for Activity 5


Seerah 8 for ages 10+
Click here for Activity 8



Salah Quiz Cards

Salah Checklist

Salat un Nabi Workshop


Salat un Nabi - Kids Works-for the blog


 Qur’an Learning Section


101-Surah Al Qariah -word for word practice
Click here for surah-al-qariah-word-for-word-practice.pdf


101-Al Qariah-Practice Quiz for ages 11-13-workbook

Surah Al Qairah (Workbook to print CLICK HERE)

Adiyat Word for Word
Word for Word (click here)

An Nur-99-Az Zalzalah
Word for Word (click here)

Az Zalzalah- Practice Quiz for ages 11-13
Class Quiz (Click here)

Surah Al Bayyinah word for word
Word for Word (click here)

Practice Workbook-Al Bayyinah (Click here for pdf)

Al Bayyinah-Practice Quiz for ages 11-13
Class Quiz (Click here)


Praying on time Chart for ages 11-13
Weekly Tazkiyyah Chart (click here)


Aqeedah Section

1. Aqeedah Resource

2. Class Presentation on What is Aqeedah?

3. Class Presentation on Seeking Knowledge, 

4. Quiz 2-Seeking Knowledge

5. Class Presentation a-Fruits of Eeman

6. Class Presentation b-Fruits of Eeman,

7. Quiz 3-Fruits of Eeman

8. Class Presentation on Tawheed

I’badaah (Worship)
Qur’an Section



11 responses to “ages 11 to 13”

  1. question 5 for zalzalah quiz is blank???????????

  2. For Wednesday’s Surah Al Aadiyaat Tafseer Question 1-5 test do we have to
    -Fill in the blanks?
    -Answer in our own words?

    1. Answer in your own words

  3. The tests that I missed can I cover them up in class?
    If I can. Please can I give the test of Surah Al Zalzalah in class?

  4. Are there any oral tests that I missed?

  5. Can we also like create some powerpoints about what An Nur group is learning? And then show them to you?

    1. yes you can do that if you want to

      1. Maryam Ibrahim Saleem Avatar
        Maryam Ibrahim Saleem

        Okay Jaza Akallah khair!

  6. where is tafsir quiz

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