Ramadan Page

1444 AH (2023)

NEW Ramadan Course for Kids ages 9 to 13 years. All About Qur’an

Istiqbal e Ramadan

Marhaban Ramadan 1442/2021

Welcome Ramadan Presentation for sisters

Fiqh of Ramadan for a Muslimah

Ramadan Q and A

Learning Resources

Ramadan Lapbook 1432/2011

Ramadan Lapbook 1435/2014

Ramadan Board Game

Ramadan 1438 – Time Management Workshop

Ramadan Kids Workshop1440 – My Ramadan Box

Ramadan (Short Course for kids) Last 2 Ayaat of Al Baqarah

Ramdan (Short Course for kids) Surah Al Kahf

Ramadan Course Surah Al Mulk (hifdh)

A Du’a Memorization Course for Ramadan

Ramadan Lapbook from “Seeking Knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

Ramadan Jeopardy – 1439 AH/2018

Ramadan Planners Page

Last Two Verses of Al Baqarah Course

Qur’an Journal (Student’s work)

Ramadan Facts 

Ramadan Worksheets for ages 5+

Ramadan T Du’a Book for kids

Ramadan Vocab for kids ages 10+

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