I love Arabic

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Arabic Words

Basics of Arabic Sarf

I’rab Al Qur’an (advanced)

I’rab Al Qur’an (advanced in Urdu)

I’rab Al Muffassal (individual Surahs)

I’rab Al Qur’an Surah Al Kahf

I’rab Surah Al Kahf 

Grammar Rules in Qur’an

Useful Arabic Grammar, Morphology Videos

Sibaway Institute

Madinah Arabic Books Resources

Understand Qur’an Videos

Understand Quran pdf

Qur’an Words Practice – Flash Cards
Arabic Writing Practice
Easy steps to Arabic Writing


Hamza is written in 4 ways

Hamza (in detail) video

Huruf Al Qamariyah wa Al Shamsiyah

Laa an nahiyah wa laa an nafiyah

Arabic Grammar Sheets

Basic Arabic Lapook01Basic Arabic Lapbook for beginners (ages 8-9 years)

Basic Arabic Grammar- Test

book 1 image
Click here
book 2 image
Click here

Notes for Madinah Arabic Book 1

DOWNLOAD – Notes for Madinah Arabic Book 2
DOWNLOAD – Notes for Madinah Arabic Book 3

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  1. MashaAllah.. May Allah SWT reward u greatly sisters.. Jazakumullalu khairan katheera.. amazing..

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