Hadith Class Presentations and Activities

 Hadith 1, Worksheet

Hadith poster competition for kids ages 8 – 10

hadith 4-5
Hadith 5-4


Hadith 6
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith06


Hadith 7
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith07


Hadith 8
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith08


Hadith 9
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith09 and Hadith10


Hadith 10
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith09 and Hadith10


Hadith 11
Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith11


Click here for Class Presentation-Hadith12

Hadith 12, printouts,

Click here for Class Presentation.

Hadith 14, printouts for class

Hadith 15

Hadith 15, printouts for class Hadith 15

Activity Hadith 15

Hadith 16

Hadith 16 Hadith 16, printouts for class

Hadith 16-Activity

 Hadith 13-Chart Hadith 14-Activity Hadith 14-Activity  Hadith 14, printouts for class Hadith 13, printouts for class Hadith 14 Hadith 13

Hadith 17

Hadith 17, printouts for class

Hadith 17-Activity

Hadith 18

Hadith 18, printouts for class

Hadith 19

Hadith 19, printouts for class

Hadith 20

Hadith 20, printouts for class

Hadith 21

Hadith 21, printouts for class

Hadith 22

Hadith 22, printouts for class

Chart-Assalaatu imaduddin-Salaah

Hadith 23

Hadith 23, printouts for class

Hadith 24

Hadith 24, printouts for class

Hadith 25

Hadith 25, printouts for class

Hadith 26

Hadith 26, printouts for class

Hadith 27

Hadith 27, printouts for class

Hadith 27, Taqwa Chart -1
Taqwa Chart-1
Hadith 28

Hadith 28, printouts for class

Hadith 29

Hadith 29, printouts for class

Hadith 30

Hadith 30, printouts for class

Hadith 31

Hadith 31, printouts for class

Hadith 32

Hadith 32, printouts for class

Hadith 33

Hadith 33, printouts for class

Hadith 34

Hadith 34, printouts for class

Hadith -- Dhikr Chart
Chart for La illaha illullah and durud practice
Hadith 35

Hadith 35, printouts for class

Hadith 36

Hadith 36, printouts for class

Hadith 37

Hadith 37, printouts for class

Hadith 38

Hadith 38, printouts for class

Hadith 39

Hadith 39, printouts for class

Hadith 40

Hadith 40, printouts for class

25 responses to “Hadith Class Presentations and Activities”

  1. I love the story to hadith 18 but when Itried to open hadith 6,7 and 8 they would not open please do check .

  2. the hadith 6,7,8 and 10

  3. the hadith 6,7,8 and 10 are not working!!!

    1. Jazak Allah khayr for pointing out. The Ahadith are working now. I hope you will know them tomorrow in Class, inshaa Allah

      1. hadith 6 is not there and the hadith about taking care of the Quran is not there either. i cannot find them anywhere

      1. are they still not working?

  4. Was hadith 19 handed out in class? i did not get them and i was there in the class.

  5. oh wait nevermind we are getting it in todays class

  6. I love to memorize all hadiths. 😀

  7. i have memorized all the hadiths, are there any questions about the hadiths? because i dont know if there will be questions, if there will be questions then can you please put them up so we can memorize the answers and learn more. i am very confused and unsure, please reply sppn!! 😀

  8. i know i left lots of comments but still, um hadith 11 and 12 is not there.

  9. Asslam-o-alaikum is hadhith 31 new like do we have to learn it for this class tomorrow?and buy the way I love the leaves set as the background for this hadhith. Who ever did this tell them Maryam said MASHAALAH!!!!! (:

    1. I changed the hadith pic. Jazak Allah khayr dear Maryam

      1. mashaalah! I love this blue oceany leafy backgrond also its my favourite! 🙂

  10. Ayisha Jilani Avatar
    Ayisha Jilani

    Sorry Ismat for not coming to class last week, i was in Dubai, i do not know what you mean by messengers of all chart, im still trying to find it on the website

    1. You have to click on Messengers of Allah in the Aqeedah section of your year group and make a poster of Names of the Prophets mentioned in Qur’an. As you were in Dubai, I can give you one more week to submit the poster.

      1. Okay, i have made my poster, i left it on the table in the room where we had our class, i kept it there last class and Insha-Allah i will see you in the next class today)

  11. Asslam-o-Alaikum everybody! I love the background of Hadith number 39 beacause the Hadith is all abbout anger and the background says ANGER. 🙂 TEE HEE!

  12. I am VERY exited for the hadith party today. I have memorised all hadhits 32 – 40 and I fell very happy. May Allah bless us all. Ishaalah! 🙂

    1. I hope you enjoyed it. Your hadith presentation was excellent.

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