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Ramadan Lapbook 1435 (2014) for ages 10+

Originally posted on Happy Land:
00-Ramadan1435-Title Page 01-Ramadan1435-Qur’an and Hadith 02-Ramadan1435-Benefits of Ramadan 03-Ramadan1435-What is Fasting? 04-Ramadan1435-Sunnah of Fasting? 05-Ramadan1435-Things that break a fast 06-Ramadan1435-Hadith on forgetting that one is fasting 08-Ramadan1435-Things that do not break the fast 09-Ramadan1435-Rules for kids to remember (courtesy Mini Mu’mins) 11-Ramadan1435-Ramadan Specials 12-Ramadan1435-Ramadan Bookmarks…