Ramadan 1438- Time Management Workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to teach kids (ages 9+) how to spend a beneficial day in Ramadan despite having to attend school. At this age, kids are not obligated to fast
although some do.
However, there is a vast range of other activities and forms of worship that can prove to be quite valuable during Ramadan whilst instilling in children the significance of Ramadan aside from simply fasting.

Click hereThe workshop started with a presentation in which some important Islamic concepts such as taraweeh, suhur, and zakatul fitr,  were explained.

In addition to this, they were taught how to plan a day in Ramadan to ensure maximum profit and improve time management.

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Activity: 5 stations, named after 5 salaat were set up for the kids.

At each station, a bucket full of candy was set
up to act as incentive and represent the reward we receive for each prayer.

There was also a task card present at each prayer to give children some ideas for deeds other than fasting that can benefit them during Ramadan.

The children were each given a Ramadan Day Planning Sheet which was based on a clock, defined by time intervals between the 5 daily prayers.

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At each station, the children filled in their planning sheet with activities they could perform after each prayer, throughout the day, such as reciting adkhaar, passing on Islamic knowledge, and helping the family with suhur/iftar preparations. These tasks were thought up keeping in mind that the children will be busy with school and other activities throughout Ramadan this year.

Beginning at Maghreb to represent the beginning of the Islamic day, once the children filled in tasks for the time between Maghreb and Isha, they were handed a candy and moved on to the next station, Isha. This cycle continued until the children completed their planning of one complete day and ended at Assr.

Of course the kids were treated with yummy snacks at the end of the workshop. Alhamdulillah 🙂