Seerah Book Reading

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Muhammad by Martin Lings (pdf)
Quiz 1

Intro to Seerah

Quiz 2

 Ibrahim, Ismail and the Ka’ba

Quiz 3

The Year of the Elephant

Quiz 4

The Desert

Quiz 5

The Two Bereavements

Quiz 6

Bahira the Monk and The Pact of Chivalry

Quiz 7

Establishing a household

Quiz 8

The Beginning of Revelation

Quiz 9

Understanding the First Revelation

Quiz 10

Warn thy Family

Quiz 11

The First Dawah

Quiz 12

Quraysh Take Action 

 Quiz 13

Offers and Demands

Quiz 14

Surah Abasa and the Splitting of the Moon

Quiz 15

Three Questions and Abyssinia

Quiz 16

Omar Accepts Islam and the Boycott

 Quiz 17

The Year of Sorrow and the Isra and Miraj

Quiz 18

Preparing Yathrib and the Hijrah

Quiz 19

The Hijrah and Arrival in Madinah

Quiz 20

Landscape in Madinah

 Quiz 21

Battle of Badr

Quiz 22

Events Between Badr and Uhud

Quiz 23

Battle of Uhud

Quiz 24

Lessons from Uhud

 Quiz 25

Fourth Year Hijrah

Quiz 26

Fourth and Fifth Year Hijrah

Quiz 27

The Slander

Quiz 28

Battle of the Trench

 Quiz 29

Treaty of Hudaibiyah

Quiz 30

Letters to Kings

Quiz 31

Battle of Khaybar

Quiz 32

Surah at-Tahrim and the Battle of Mutah

 Quiz 33

Conquest of Makkah

Quiz 34

Battles of Hunayn and Taif

Quiz 35

Battle of Tabuk

Quiz 36

Hadith of Kab bin Malik and Hajj of Abu Bakr

 Quiz 37

Year of Delegations and Farewell Hajj

Quiz 38

Final Days of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)