Surah Al Kahf-Short Course-Ramadan1437- For ages 7 – 10


Abu Darda (RA) narrated that Al Kahf - Certificates
Prophet Muhammad Sallulahu Alaih Wassallam said,
“Whoever memorises ten verses from the beginning of Surah Al Kahf,he will be saved from the trial of antichrist (ad Dajjal)”

Story Time

1-People of the cave
1- People of the Cave

2-Owners of The Two Gardens
2. Story of the Two Gardens
3-Musa and Khidr
3. Story of Musa as and Khidr

4-Dhul Qarnain




Kids' Al Kahf FoldersMemorization Sheets

1. Ayah 1 and Ayah 2
2. Ayah 3, Ayah 4 and Ayah 5
3. Ayah 6 and Ayah 7
4. Ayah 8 and Ayah 9
5. Ayah 10