Ramadan 1434 (2013) Workshop

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-213YPglnySU/UNXcv3HvIuI/AAAAAAAAIng/ZvMEP9296v8/s1600/Best+Bismillah+Calligraphy+of+2012+(92).jpgRAMADAN BOARD GAME WORK SHOP- Ages 9+

        Upload 4 

This Workshop was attended by a group of 24 children ages 9-12. Each pdf printout  has sets of 3 and 4 templates for each kid.

The kids worked in groups of twos and made 12 Board Games.

All templates were laminated and cut beforehand.

Ramadan2013, Gameboard Workshop 2

Upload 5 List of things required to prepare 1 Game Board

  1. Project Board (Thick Board) 50 inch by 30 inch approx,
  2. Bright Coloured Papers for templates (we laminated all templates)
  3. Card board 1, (for the box and du’a cards, question cards pockets)
  4. Modelling Clay 4 colours
  5. Dice 1

Upload 2

1-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Answer a Question

2-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Du’a Challenge

3-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed

4-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed2

5-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed3. 

5-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed3

6-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed4

9-Ramadan Board Game-Pocket Template for Du’a Card Set and Answer a Question Set

Du'a Challenge button
Du’a Card Set
Answer a Question button
Answer a Question Card Set


3 responses to “Ramadan 1434 (2013) Workshop”

  1. excellent idea

  2. Assalaamu alaikum, thanks for sharing this, tabarak Allah 🙂 As I was preparing to print, I noticed that both of these links lead to the same picture (https://mominamateen.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/upload-5.png), is that a mistake?:
    2-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Du’a Challenge
    3-Ramadan Board Game-Templates-Mixed

    1. waalaykum assalaam wa rahmatullah
      I will try to fix this issue inshaa Allah

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