Ramadan Lapbook 1435 (2014) for ages 10+




00-Ramadan1435-Title Page

01-Ramadan1435-Qur’an and Hadith

02-Ramadan1435-Benefits of Ramadan

03-Ramadan1435-What is Fasting?

04-Ramadan1435-Sunnah of Fasting?

05-Ramadan1435-Things that break a fast

06-Ramadan1435-Hadith on forgetting that one is fasting

08-Ramadan1435-Things that do not break the fast

09-Ramadan1435-Rules for kids to remember (courtesy Mini Mu’mins)

11-Ramadan1435-Ramadan Specials

12-Ramadan1435-Ramadan Bookmarks

13- Ramadan1435-My Qu’ran reading charts

14-Ramadan1435-Ramadan T-Book of Du’as




  1. The lapbook you have in the pictures is different from the one you posted. Could you share some of the pages you have in the pictures? Thanks.

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