Qur’an for ages 9 – 10

Happy Land

Pictorials taken from


Al Fatiha-Project W4W-Project

Al Fatiha-Project W4W English Meaning Practice

Surah Quraish Pictorial Surah Quraish, 106

Surah Al Kauthar Pictorial Surah Al Kauthar (108)

Al Kauthar-Quiz-Button

Surah Al Kafirun Pictorial Surah Al Kafirun (109)

Surah An Nasr Pictorial Surah An Nasr Part 1 (110)

Surah An Nasr Pictorial Suran An Nasr Part 2 (110)

An Nasr-Quiz-Button

Test-Surah An Nasr

Surah Al Masad Pictorial Surah Al Masad (111)

Surah Al Falaq Pictorial Surah Al Falaq (113)

An Falaq-Quiz-Button

Surah An Naas Pictorial Surah An Naas (114)

An Naas-Quiz-Button

My Surah (Talibdeen Jr.)

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