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Islam Wheel

How to make Islam Wheel


         Step 1

Cut out two circles with radius of 16.5 cm     1622191_10151954502636984_314567092_n

Step 2

Color in the pages on this document

Click here for document                     1891071_10151954502551984_1994722614_n

Step 3

Cut out each section and stick it on one of the circles.

Step 4

Cut a triangular section out from the circle.1660588_10151954502406984_443230266_n

Step 5

Decorate the circle, and put a pin through the centre of both circles.1888736_10151954487601984_893694872_n  1798278_10151954487876984_98732416_n  1904163_10151954488006984_374860430_n

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