ages 5 and up

An Who is Allah?

Allah is my Lord 

Bismillah Chart


Wudhu Worksheet

Wudhu Video

Story of Adam Alaih Salaam

Story of Sulayman Alaih Salaam

Lapbook Salah  – Project

Islam Wheel – Project

Hajj Worksheet for ages 

Muslim Kids Eating Manners (Class presentations)

Supplications for Kids – Video

Who is Shaitan?


Anger Management-for ages 5-6
Click here for the poster

Detailed Article on Anger Management for Teachers (Click here)


Eating Manners-5-6
Click here to download “Eating Manners” coloring book
My Seerah Book. kdis 5-6
Click here for Seerah Activity


Intro to Vowels for ages 5-6
Click here to download
Begin with — Important Islamic words for Muslim Kids



Session 2012-2013



Hajj game part 1

Hajj game part 2  

Nasheeds3.  Months in Islam 1,  Months in Islam 2,

               Months in Islam-Worksheet


“And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations.”



practice Qaida An Nuraaniyah with the Shaykh
learn makharij
articulation points


Resources for Islamic Learning

What to say

what and when to say for kids VERY GOOD



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