Supplications (Adi’ya)

Du’a Lessons for ages 4 to 6

What to say?

what and when to say for kids VERY GOOD


Du’a Lessons for ages 7 to 9

Du’a Lesson 1, Du’a  Lesson 2,

Du’a  Lesson 3, Du’a Lesson 4,

Du’a  Lesson 5, Du’a Lesson 6,

Du’a  Lesson 7, Du’a Lesson 8

Du’a Lessons for ages 10 to 12

1 Adhan, Adhan Worksheet,

2 Du’a after adhan, 

3 Du’a after wudu, 

4 Du’a for the time of death, 

5 Adi’ya for stress, fever, visting the sick

6 Du’a – syedal astaghfaar, 

7 Du’a when entering a shopping area,

8 Du’a when returning from a journey and entering a city

9 Du’a when hearing good news,for loss, for pain

10 Du’a when leaving a gathering

11. Du’a  when seeing someone in distress


du’a printout 1, du’a printout  2  du’a printout3,  du’a printout 4,

du’a printout 5,  du’a printout 6,  du’a printout 7,  du’a printout 8

Du’a lessons for ages 13 to 15

Lesson 1, What Quran tells us about Du’aa

Lesson 2, What is du’aa

Lesson 3, Conditions of Du’aa

Lesson 4, Ettiquettes of Du’aa

Adhkar for memorization

Dhikr 1,  Dhikr 2,Dhikr 3, Dhikr 4

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