I'badaah for ages 7-8

I’baadah for ages 7-8

Pillars of Islam – Worksheet

Pillars of Islam 1 (video),

Pillars of Islam 2 (video)

Pillars of Islam Workbook,

Pillars of Islam (Powerpoint Presentation)

Pillars of Islam Worksheet

Pillar 1- Shahaadah


Learning how to do Wudu,   Steps of Wudu-Bookmark

Salaah Game

Mini Book-Boy Prays
Mini Book-Girl Prays

salaah — what is the time for salaah todaysalaah positionssalaah positions-Arabic

Salaah Video

Salaah 1-Fard Units

Salaah 2-Sunnah Units, Salaah 2-Sunnah Units QUIZ, Saalah 2- Game

Hajj (word search)

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