ages 9 to 10



Key to Jannah-Salah

Aqeedah —>  aqeedah

Qur’an — >   

Hadith —>   

Seerah —>    Seerah-9-10

Du’a —>     Supplications

I’badah  —>    





37 thoughts on “ages 9 to 10”

  1. Well, I always try my best to find something on your site. I hope the new link to be quite helpful in the future. Let’s cross our fingers.

  2. When i clicked Hadith 2 in the Hadith section it would come as hadith 3, which is “Truthfulness” and so, when you click both hadith 2 and 3 hadith 3 comes instead for both of them.By the way hadith 2 is “Say Assalamu alaykum before yo begin speaking”.

  3. i really enjoyed the projects we did in we are strating a ramadan project,and i look forward to it.

  4. I want to make my avatar picture something different, how do i change it like you changed yours? i double-clicked the avatar, it took me to a website, i got confused so i closed it

  5. i really love Islamic class especially when we do Hadith because we learn about the prophet times so now we know more and we’r all better muslims YIPPEE!!!!!!! 😀

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