ages 9 to 10



Key to Jannah-Salah

Aqeedah —>  aqeedah

Qur’an — >   

Hadith —>   

Seerah —>    Seerah-9-10

Du’a —>     Supplications

I’badah  —>    





37 responses to “ages 9 to 10”

  1. Well, I always try my best to find something on your site. I hope the new link to be quite helpful in the future. Let’s cross our fingers.

  2. The search button on the new link is missing.

  3. I just couldn’t depart your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts

    1. We all love you Aqil

  4. When i clicked Hadith 2 in the Hadith section it would come as hadith 3, which is “Truthfulness” and so, when you click both hadith 2 and 3 hadith 3 comes instead for both of them.By the way hadith 2 is “Say Assalamu alaykum before yo begin speaking”.

    1. Jazak Allah khayr Ayisha
      Please check now.

  5. I love ages 10-12 it’s so fun now we are doing a project and p.s. I got 10 marks out of 10 alhumdulillah! on my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i really enjoyed the projects we did in we are strating a ramadan project,and i look forward to it.

  7. i had fun doing all the projects we did and i am happy we are doing another one in class

  8. i like 10 to 11 its fun to do good progects

  9. Please allow to print pictures or posters as it is very time consuming to draw and colour the pictures. Those who want to draw, may be allowed to draw and colour.

    1. You may print if you want to dear Maryam.

      1. Ismat you just changed your avatar how did you do this?

  10. Ask me in Class and I will tell you.

      1. We miss you too:(
        If you want to come, make du’a inshaa Allah Allah will help you.

  11. sad face means i cant come to class

  12. I study on this website after karate class on Monday.Don’t worry!


    1. Jazak Allah khayr,
      Where are you?

  14. I want to make my avatar picture something different, how do i change it like you changed yours? i double-clicked the avatar, it took me to a website, i got confused so i closed it

  15. i dont know what i did, now my avatar is just black,

    1. Choose a picture of your choice. Upload it on your Avatar page.

      1. Go to older or newer posts then see

  16. Assalam-o-alaikum,
    How are you aunty? I could not find hadith 11 and 12 on your website. Please help.

  17. i really love Islamic class especially when we do Hadith because we learn about the prophet times so now we know more and we’r all better muslims YIPPEE!!!!!!! 😀

    1. Alhamdullilah
      Love and follow the Prophet (pbuh) and u will succeed.

    1. I like that happy face!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Asslamoalaikum Ismat I have done my test about Tawheed,Istinja and Wudu. I hope I get full marks. Inshaallah!!!! 🙂

  19. yusuf siddiqui Avatar
    yusuf siddiqui

    good site

  20. I always have fun on this site.May Allah keep us safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Goodbye Islamic Class! Hello Older Girls’ Islamic Class! I will really miss you Ismat 😦

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