Supplications for ages 9-10

Adi’ya (Supplications)

1 Adhan, Adhan Worksheet,

2 Du’a after adhan

3 Du’a after wudu

4 Du’a for the time of death

5 Adi’ya for stress, fever, visting the sick

6 Du’a-syedal-astaghfaar

7 Du’a when entering a shopping area,

8 Du’a when returning from a journey and entering a city

9 Du’a when hearing good news,for loss, for pain

10 Du’a when leaving a gathering


printout 1,   printout 2,   printout 3,   printout 4,

printout 5,   printout 6,  printout 7,  printout 8

Practice Musnun Du'as Chart

2 responses to “Supplications for ages 9-10”

  1. Assalam Walaikum
    I have been learning most of the duas at home. The ones that are not up there is Dua for waking up and dua for sleeping?

    1. Waalaykum assalaam wa rahmatullah
      Here is the link for more du’as for you.
      If this link does not work go to the page for ages 7-8 and click on Du’a, you will find all du’as you did in An Nahl group there. Inshaa Allah.

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