02-Surah Al Baqarah


al baqarah Student’s Notes

al-baqarah-ayah-1-5-word-to-word,  notes

al-baqarah-ayah-6-7-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-8-16-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-17-20-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-26-29-word-to-word,  notes

al-baqarah-ayah-30-39-word-to-word,  notes


al-baqarah-ayah-49-59-word-to-word, notes

al-baqarah-ayah-60-62-word-to-word, notes

Al Baqarah Notes (new)

3 responses to “02-Surah Al Baqarah”

  1. I started this course Alhamdulillah. These presentations are awesome. Do they only go up to Ayah 62? 😦

    1. Waalaykumassalam. Yes. These were made to.keep students interested. After that I could not find time to continue.

    2. Yes, after that you know what you have to do 🙂

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